Meet Shelly
Welcome to my personal page.

I would first like to introduce you to my
family. My husband, Mitch, and I have been
married for twenty six years. We have two
children, Trevor and Brianna, ages 24 and 20.
Both of them have grown up in a political
environment. Trevor was two years old when
we worked with George Nethercutt on his
first congressional campaign. We used to cart
Brianna around in her baby carrier to 7th
District Republican meetings when she was
just a few months old.
Our son Trevor is a Senior in college,
majoring in engineering. Trevor still loves to
build things that fly.

As a freshman, Trevor's highschool rocket
club team was the only team from
Washington State to qualify for nationals. As
a sophomore, Trevor won a gold medal in
the Science Olympiad for designing and
building an airplane that had the longest
flight time.

Trevor currently lives in Alaska and loves
the outdoors.
Our daughter Brianna is in College now.
She likes math & science, band and loves
talking with her friends.

Brianna's favorite thing in life is to spend
time with her animals. Brianna has two
horses, two dogs and two cats.

In the summer time, Brianna works so
she can pay her way through college.
She tries to unwind from college by
spending as much time with her animals
as she can.
Trevor, Brianna, Me and Mitch
We have lived on our 27-acre farm in Addy for the past nineteen years. My passion is riding our
horses with our kids. I am a former 4-H leader and the kids and I loved participating in the Colville
Valley Gymkhana Club, racing our horses. I also enjoy skeet shooting, canoeing, swimming, gardening
and sewing.

In our spare time, Mitch and I are remodeling our "turn of the century" farm house. The remodeling
never seems to go as planned, but it sure is rewarding once a project is complete!
Shelly Short
State Representative
7th District, Position 1, Republican